Bullymake Subscription Box for Dog Chewers

Bullymake is a dog subscription box that is aimed for power chewer dogs. Dogs that can easily go through toys in a week or month. Bullymake has been around since 2014 and their mission is to “Keep power chewing dogs (and their parents) happy and satisfied.

A Subscription Service for Aggressive Dog Chewers.

Bullymake manufactures their own unique chewing toys, and also their dog snacks in the U.S. Their toys are made out of Nylon, Ballistic and Rubber. These type of materials are suitable for aggressive dog chewers that will last for a while.

What’s in the box?

Each box contains 2 to 3 TOUGH chew toys and 3 delicious and nutritious treats! Toys only boxes come with 4 to 5 toys instead of any treats. Their specialty Nylon, Rubber and Ballistic materials are made in the USA. Customers may decide which kind of dog toys they would like to receive: Nylon, Rubber, Ballistic, or Rope.

You can also just select for the toys to be sent each month. Toys & treat selection is optional.

How do you they select a toy each month?

Bullymake will ask the customer for their dog’s weight. That way they will send you a toy that is a great fit for your dog. They will also ask if your dog has any allergies: Grain, Beef/Grain, or Chicken/Grain allergies.

Bullymake manufactures their own dog treats!

Bullymake manufactures their own dog treats. Each dog treat is retailed at $9 a piece. Chicken Tenders, Bullywurst, Lovely Lamb Bites and Quacksticks are the dog snacks available for each dog subscription box.

Guaranteed to work?

According to their website, all of their products are backup with a durability and satisfaction guarantee. If your pet destroys any of the toys they had sent, they’ll ship you a different chew toy for your dog for free – the toy would have to qualify for a replacement. They will also replace any items that your dog is unsatisfied.

How much is the subscription for Bullymake?

Bullymake offers a one month, 3- month, 6-month, and 12-month subscriptions.

1 month is $39.

3 months is $36/month.

6 months is $34/month.

12 months is $31/month.

Is Shipping Free for Bullymake?

According to their website, Bullymake ships FREE within the U.S.A. They ship to Canada for an additional $8 a month.

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