PoochPerks Dog Subscription

PoochPerks offers themed monthly box subscription for their customers. All of the items selected in the box are hand-picked by their staff and are of premium quality – according to their website. One detail about PoochPerks is that all of their toys and accessories are bought from small businesses in the U.S. So when you subscribe to their Dog Subscription services you are supporting small businesses across the U.S.

What’s in the PoochPerk Box?

Their most popular box is called the Pooch Box contains 2-3 toys and treats. You can also select to received only toys or only treats depending on your preferences and your dog’s liking. Their subscription boxes can be customized by the weight of the dogs and its needs.

Barkin’ Great Happy Birthday Box from PoochPerks

If you dog has allergies to certain snacks, you can also let them know.

PoochPerks sends out themed boxes for their subscribers.

How much is a PoochPerk Subscription Box?

It will vary by frequency and also the items that are included in the box. A sample box will cost you $11.95, and the premium boxes will be at $35.95 per month. During the checkout process, PoochPerk will ask you details about your pooch, such as frequency of the membership, weight of your dog(s), whether you want plush toys or durable toys(for chewers). You’ll even have an option to add a premium toy for an extra $8. All of these options will change the pricing of the box per month.

For example, a Popular Pooch, month-to-month membership, for a large size dog with a durable toy included, will cost you $36 per month.

Popular Pooch Starting at $28.04

Pampered Pooch at $44.91

Toys Only at $20.82

Does it offer Free Shipping?

PoochPerks does offer free shipping for their customers.



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