PupBox Puppy Subscription box

PupBox is a puppy subscription service for newborn pups up. It has a training program that you can follow depending on the age of your puppy.

What’s in the box?

The box comes with a Training manual, Toys such as rope, plush toys, interactive toys as well as accessories such as grooming and also essential needs, and treats. The toys will be different depending on the age of the puppy from newborn to 12 months.

PuPBox Training Guide for your Puppy.

PubBox includes puppy training guidance for ages newborn till 12-month of age.

PubBox also offers advanced training guide on their website.

Such as :

What is the Best Flea Treatment for Dogs (and Puppies!)

When Does a Puppy Become a Dog? 7 Signs he/she is No Longer a Puppy.

PupBox Pricing Tiers.

PupBox offers four pricing tiers:

A one month plan for $39.

A 3-month plan for $34/month.

A 6-month plan for $32/month.

A 12-month plan for $29/month.

PupBox offers Free Shipping?

Yes. PupBox offers free shipping in the U.S., and it also ships to Canada for $5 per box.



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