Birchbox Men’s Grooming

BirchBox has been around since 2010. It’s one of the oldest subscription services available. With its wide variety of choices in subscription products, it is one of the strongest company that offers vanity and self-care products for men and women.

Its product service for men offers varying subscription monthly services, and its starts at $10 a month, and a yearly plan of $110. They have two types of subscription services for men: Birchbox Grooming and Birchbox Grooming Plus.

Difference between Birchbox Grooming and Birchbox Grooming Plus.

From a price-point of view, Birchbox Grooming starts at $10/month-t0-month, a 6-month subscription that starts at $60 and a yearly month of $110 per year.

Birchbox Grooming Plus only has two subscription plan, and the monthly starts at $20, and a 6-month plan at $110. Birchbox Grooming Plus will have a hand-picked lifestyle item such as an accessory, tech gadgets and others, included with the five top-shelf grooming samples that you get from a Birchbox Grooming set.

Birchbox Grooming Plus Starts at $20 per month.

Birchbox’s Grooming Profile

An interesting approach to giving their men customers a more customized experience is that they have a personalized Grooming Profile. These profile gives their male customers a general idea of what their needs are in their grooming, such as having sensitive skin, dry skin, or even the type of hair – thick or curly. The Grooming Profile will give their male customers the option to select which specific samples they would like to received and also what full-size products that they enjoyed.

What do you get for $10 a month?

Each month, you’ll receive a supply of five grooming samples—from anti-aging moisturizers to beard care supplies to hair styling essentials—delivered to your door for just $10/month.

BirchBox Grooming Male Subscription Offers Free shipping.

Birchbox Men’s Grooming offers free shipping on all of their subscription box, which will definitely save the subscriber some money.

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