Kong Box a solution-based subscription for your dog

Kong Box is a dog subscription service based in Lehi, Utah. The company offers dog-related solutions for their subscribers such as problems with teething, digging and barking, etc.

What’s in the box?

According to their website, subscribers will get one Kong Rubber Toy, one Kong non-rubber toy, three Kong Treats, helpful training tips, and a Kong Recipe Card. A total of seven items. You’ll also get a free Kong classic toy in your first subscription box.

How does it work?

Kong Box will ask for your dog’s profile such as his weight, age, and one of the six solutions that your dog may need.


Without an acceptable outlet for natural chewing instincts, some dogs turn to destructive chewing. Prevention is key. Give your dog an appropriate way to fulfill their chewing instincts with our durable rubber KONG toys.


Boredom and fear can lead to digging and barking. Developing positive behaviors starts with productive play. A stuffed KONG can help. By directing their energy toward something exciting, like working for food inside the toy, it diminishes bad behaviors.


Crates provide a sense of security for dogs and can aid in house training. To help your pup stay calm and comfortable in their crate, use a KONG toy to create a positive association with it.


Dogs can often get into trouble when they’re bored. Which is why we created stuffed and frozen KONG toys. They’re a healthy, long-lasting and mentally stimulating way to extend playtime and beat boredom.


While puppies are teething, chewing soft rubber helps alleviate pain. KONG Puppy rubber toys help ease aching jaws, promote the entry of growing teeth and establish healthy chewing habits. When adult teeth are fully set (about 9 months), most dogs should move to a KONG Classic.


Separation anxiety peaks in the first 20 minutes a dog is left alone. A treat-stuffed KONG helps your dog associate being home alone with an exciting reward, alleviating anxiety peaks and creating a positive association when you reach for your keys.


Your dog’s weight is critical to their health—about 35% of dogs are overweight or obese. Slow down eating and add a satisfying mental and physical challenge by feeding your canine with a KONG Classic. Play also has countless benefits for dogs. KONG toys keep your dog engaged in healthy physical activity.


If your dog doesn’t have behavior issues, KONG toys still provide a natural, holistic solution to common pet problems. For example, a stuffed KONG toy can disguise your dog’s medication. Additionally, KONG toys provide interactive play that can strengthen the bond between pet and parent.

How much does it cost?

Kong Box offers month-to-month, 6-month, and 12-month subscriptions for their solutions, and offers two shipping frequencies: Monthly and Every Other Month. Every Other Month is billed in the months that you receive a box.

Cancelation fees: Kong Box has no cancelation fees for month-to-month subscription. For their 6-Box Members a $19.9 Cancelation Fee, and 12-Box Members a $24.95 cancelation fee is processed.

Does Kong Box ships internationally?

According to their website, Kong Box is only available within the 50 U.S. states.

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