Literati offer Book Club membership for all ages: kids 0-12 ages, and adults. Literati has a special section for adult readers called, Luminary. The Luminary is a celebrity-edition book subscription service where a reader will received the Luminary hand-picked book each month.

Literati Luminary, a book club for adults.

How it works?

  1. Pick a Book Club: Each Luminary reads a different genre.

2. Monthly Book Delivery: Get a new book in the mail each month. Plus a note from your Luminary.

3. Connect in the App. Join conversation. Watch exclusive videos. Manage your account. All in the app.

Malala’s Fearless Club

Fearless amplifies voices the world too often neglects. Malala showcases stories that introduce you to characters who capture your heart and show you the world through new cultural lenses. Expect to meet new writers and courageous protagonists—women with bold ideas.


We know Malala’s name today because she refused to be silent. Fearless invites you to join a world of women who share her courage, commitment, and hope for the future.

Stephen Curry’s Club Underrated

Club Underrated is an exploration of what it means to break barriers. We read and discuss powerful books about family, sports, and inspiring achievements—stories about people who’ve defied the odds to achieve true greatness.


Stephen Curry is an NBA basketball player for The Golden State Warriors. Overlooked as an undersized player in high school, Curry amped up and ascended, becoming The NBA’s first MVP by unanimous vote—in history.

Susan Orlean’s Private Collection

Private Collection showcases an array of books from Orlean’s personal library. Explore heartfelt stories about identity, historical fiction, and creative nonfiction—together. Expect to read exquisite writing and unforgettable narratives that you won’t want to put down.

BIO:Susan Orlean is a writer of true stories and bestselling books whose bylines have filled the pages of The New YorkerVogueRolling StoneEsquire, and Outside. Her words leap from the page into your heart. And sometimes to the big screen. She penned The Library Book, The Orchid Thief, and Adaptation. Her unique humor colors her prose and paints a literary mural for audiences that can’t visit art galleries right now.

Richard Branson’s Book Club

About the Club: Reading with Richard leads readers through powerful tales of adventure and advice that shaped Richard’s life


Sir Richard Branson is an entrepreneur, philanthropist, investor, and the founder of The Virgin Group. And if you thought that list of titles was inspiring, just wait until you see the list of authors who inspired the man who become the magnate.

Joseph Campbell – The Joseph Campbell Foundation’s Book Club.

Each month, a Joseph Campbell Scholar will guide you through new frameworks for understanding humanity. Explore mythology, psychology, and the fundamental stories we share as a species. Connect to ancient wisdom through classic and contemporary narratives with the Myth and Meaning book club.


Joseph Campbell was a prolific American author and professor whose explorations of mythology and religion reframed the way the literary world views stories. His foundation exists to preserve, protect, and perpetuate his work.

Subscription is at $25 per month. Learn more.


Luminary Book Club – Richard Branson by Literati

Based in Austin,Texas Literati is a subscription book club company. Since 2017, Literati has provided a unique try-before-you-buy book club service to kids 12 and under. Most recently the company has expanded its product line, offering book clubs curated by “luminaries,” a collection of authors, intellectuals, and other notable figures.

Literati’s team is made up of product people, perfectionistic designers, philosophical hackers, and straight-up hustlers on a mission to build revolutionary excitement in literature. The company was founded in 2017 and is based in Austin, Texas.



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