Pivo – Auto targeting phone camera accessory

Pivo is a phone camera accessory that lets your phone pivot to follow your movements. It automatically tracks your movement with a range of 360 degree rotation.

Pivo Sets your phone camera to auto track

Smart Tracking. Pivo follow you wherever you go. Their Smart Tracking always keeps you in view and front and center. Works in both portrait and landscape phone setting.

One of the many features of the accessory is the Many Me filter which allows you to capture different camera poses and stitch them together to create a burst shot. Watch the video below.

Pivo Works on All Social Media Channels

Pivo allows you to use its face tracking feature on any app, such as Instagram, Facebook, TikTok and others.

Pivo starts at $109 for the Pod Red. A premium version exist, Pod Silver which cost $139.

Pivo’s POD RED $109

The Pod Red is perfect for live streamers, photographers, vlogger, and influencers. The Pod Red gets a 10-second 360 degree rotation speed.

Pivo’s POD SILVER $139

The Pod Siver is 2x faster in its 360 degree – 4 seconds speed.

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